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Building lasting habits is hard

80% of New Year’s resolutions fail in 2 months…

Set a goal

"I want to lose weight"
"I want to read more books"

Try your best

Read Atomic Habits
Watch productivity videos

But life doesn't change...

“I'm not motivated”
“I forget my new habits”

Habits made fun, easy, and automatic

Exercise more, read daily, and meditate consistently!

Beat procrastination

Experience a customized plan designed to cultivate small habits that lead you to your desired life. Tailored to your specific goals and grounded in behavioral science.

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Jihyeon Won

Read 30 pages 📚
Move 🤸‍♀️
Journal 💭
+4 habits

GoalLeap has given me the motivation and tools to succeed. I’m more focused and driven, and my procrastination has decreased significantly. It has transformed my routine, helping me set and achieve clear goals. Highly recommended for boosting productivity and reaching your ambitions.

Progress tracking

Become a productivity superhero

Get daily reminders to complete your habits so you never forget them. Visualize your growth with the Habit Grid to stay motivated. Don’t break the chain!

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Joe Henriod

Meditation 🧘
Coding 💻
Walk dog 🐕
+6 habits

GoalLeap has changed my life. The structured approach to goal setting and achievement has brought clarity and purpose to my daily routine. Highly recommended!

Continuous feedback

Master habits building in no time

Get advice on how to turn your goals into actions. Learn how to build good habits and break bad ones with daily tips. If you enjoyed Atomic Habits, you’ll love Habits Garden!
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Joe Henriod

Yoga 🧘
No alcohol 🚫
Diet 🕐🍴
Sport 🏊‍♀️

+7 habits

I always failed to build habits, until I discovered Habits Garden. I get more done and waste less time!


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