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Habits Garden is a game to help you improve real-life habits.

It gamifies your life by giving you flowers as rewards for your real-life tasks.

The more you stay accountable, the bigger your Habits Garden!

The main features are locked (habits, garden, quests). You can unlock them anytime by subscribing.
Yes! Habits Garden is available on iOS & Android phones. You can also sign-up here and download the app later!
As many as you like!
As long as I’m alive. Joke aside, I’m Marc and work on this app full time. Last update: May 2024
Yes! You can choose to create a public profile on Habits Garden. Then you can follow other users/friends to view your habit and activity and stay accountable.
Let’s make it real! Submit it in the feedback box and there’s a chance it will be in your habit tracker soon.
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